Rsyslog Modules

Input Modules

Input modules are used to receive and collect messages from various log sources.

im3195: RFC3195 Input Module
imbatchreport: Batch report input module
imdocker: Docker Input Module
imfile: Text File Input Module
imgssapi: GSSAPI Syslog Input Module
imjournal: Systemd Journal Input Module
imkafka: read from Apache Kafka
imklog: Kernel Log Input Module
imkmsg: /dev/kmsg Log Input Module
immark: Mark Message Input Module
improg: Program integration input module
impstats: Generate Periodic Statistics of Internal Counters
imptcp: Plain TCP Syslog
imrelp: RELP Input Module
imsolaris: Solaris Input Module
imtcp: TCP Syslog Input Module
imtuxedoulog: Tuxedo ULOG input module
imudp: UDP Syslog Input Module
imuxsock: Unix Socket Input Module

Output Modules

Output modules are used to transform and transmit events and logs to different destinations.

omamqp1: AMQP 1.0 Messaging Output Module
omclickhouse: ClickHouse Output Module
omelasticsearch: Elasticsearch Output Module
omfile: File Output Module
omfwd: syslog Forwarding Output Module
omhdfs: Hadoop Filesystem Output Module
omhiredis: Redis Output Module
omhttp: HTTP Output Module
omhttpfs: Hadoop HTTPFS Output Module
omjournal: Systemd Journal Output
omkafka: write to Apache Kafka
omlibdbi: Generic Database Output Module
ommail: Mail Output Module
ommongodb: MongoDB Output Module
ommysql: MySQL Database Output Module
omoracle: Oracle Database Output Module
PostgreSQL Database Output Module (ompgsql)
ompipe: Pipe Output Module
omprog: Program integration Output module
omrabbitmq: RabbitMQ output module
omrelp: RELP Output Module
omruleset: ruleset output/including module
omsnmp: SNMP Trap Output Module
omstdout: stdout output module (testbench tool)
omudpspoof: UDP spoofing output module
omusrmsg: notify users
omuxsock: Unix sockets Output Module
GuardTime Log Signature Provider (gt)
Keyless Signature Infrastructure Provider (ksi)
KSI Signature Provider (rsyslog-ksi-ls12)

Parser Modules

pmdb2diag: DB2 Diag file parser module
pmlastmsg: last message repeated n times
Log Message Normalization Parser Module (pmnormalize)
pmnull: Syslog Null Parser Module
pmrfc3164: Parse RFC3164-formatted messages
pmrfc3164sd: Parse RFC5424 structured data inside RFC3164 messages
pmrfc5424: Parse RFC5424-formatted messages