Create, delete, and modify local user accounts

There are three different types of user accounts:

  1. root
  2. normal user account
  3. system/service account

Below are the commands used to manage users accounts.

useradd is the command used to create a new user


  1. Create user account adam with home directory , login shell should be bash and add the job title Linux system administrator the comment section.

# useradd -c " Linux System Administrator " -m -s /bin/bash adam

2. Create a user account john with home directory /tmp/john with login shell zsh

#useradd -m /tmp/john -s /bin/zsh john

userdel is the command used to delete a user account

usermod is the command used to modify user account

Change passwords and adjust password aging for local user accounts

Create, delete, and modify local groups and group memberships

Configure a system to use an authentication service for user and group information

There are few ways that you can use to connect to a network server  for authentication however two of the commands that can help you accomplish that are :

  1. authconfig

2. authconfig-tui